Coating Services

We can offer the product surface protection as following

Zinc plating
Complies to ASTM B633 specification


Cadmium plating
Complies to ASTM B-766 specification


Hot Dipped Galvanizing
Complies to BS729:1971 and ASTM A153 specification


Fluorocarbon Coating
Obviously when applied bolts for an off-shore rig; the lubricity, adhesion and resistance to salt water are essential where resistance against abrasion and ready release become very important.

For economical reason, SUNCOAT can be used widely on standard production steel bolts and nuts with similar substrates benefits as Aluminum, Copper, Titanium, Stainless Steel and even Monel.


The following Xylan chemical by WHITFORD are available:

Xylan 1070
Provides lubrication with extra corrosion protection. Xylan 1070 is used to coat large studs (B7), nuts, flanges, and related hardware for sub-sea and splash-zone service. Because of its predictable, low friction properties, less “make-up” torque is required to produce the specified tension. During assemble, clamp loads are increased; “scatter” is reduced. In fact, the frictional characteristics are the most predictable of any lubricant, coating, or plating used on bolting. The low friction properties also reduce “break-out” torque, which allows removal of bolting with a wrench instead of a blowtorch.

Xylan 1424
Fastener-class coating material is a waterborne/VOC-compliant, resin-bonded thermally cured, single film, dry lubricant. It is primarily formulated for use on fasteners to prevent corrosion and facilitate make-up torque.

Xylar 2
Xylar2 is the porous ceramic coating that is extremely hard and with respect to structural metals is chemically sacrificial.
Applied to ferrous, aluminum or other metals, it is “sacrificed” to a corrosive medium before the substrate is attacked.